Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NET A LA MODE giveaway

Are you looking for that perfect fall bag, the one that is at once stylish, chic and practical? Look no further, because NET A LA MODE has something in store that answers each of these criteria and more. The best part? You have a chance to win this bag. Meaning it could be yours for free. How? The answer is simple: register online at NETALAMODE.COM, fill out the basic form, e-mail 3 of your friends (who will, without a doubt, be thanking you later) and "Like" Gentlefawn on Facebook. This gorgeous of a bag has never come at this easy of a price. So hop on over to NET A LA MODE and enter for a chance to win

Good luck to all! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's official! We have finally launched

Check out NET A LA MODE, for everything you want and need for this Fall and Winter. It's been a long time coming, and we finally launched it!!

For the upcoming seasons, we have it all. Whether you want to be trendy-chic, funky-fresh, totally-tomboy, or uber-romantic --- and more importantly, you --- we have all the items you need to pump up your look, and steal the attention of every room you enter. NET A LA MODE has everything you need in our one-stop-shop website, so be sure to set some time aside, browse the site, and snag your favourite pieces! 

Cheers everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ask The Stylist: Burgundy Lion

The last few days have been frighteningly cold, and we can smell hints of Autumn in the air. The trees are already starting to lose their leaves, and as August comes to an end, Fall is approaching with haste. Luckily, we can all bundle up with a colour that's bouncing back so hard, you will be on it like white on rice! Not literally, though.

The trendy colour we're talking about for fall, is in fact burgundy. It's all over the runways, and not to mention, most stylish fashionistas. Burgundy, maroon, wine-red, whatever you want to call it -- it's in and it's hot. You will definitely want to get your hands on it before September so you can hit the streets with style and finesse. Take a look at some of the items available for purchase on the upcoming NET A LA MODE website!

Bod & Christensen Leather Jacket

Covet crop top cable knit sweater

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ask The Stylist: Sweater Weather!

The thought of cool weather seems daunting right now, as the sunshine is still delighting us with its light and warmth every morning. But we can't pretend like Fall isn't around the corner -- so it's best to start preparing for its cool breeze, orange leaves, and get ready for it.... outfits! Yes!! See, not so bad, right ladies?! Actually NET A LA MODE loves the Fall because it means warm sweaters! And this season, oversized, big, bundled, sweaters is where it's at. Mixing big, warm, sweaters with leggings is what you're going to see this fall, so get in on the trend first, and have your friends follow right behind with PRESS's Deep-V Button Down Cardigan, and Striped Drape Front Cardigan, below. Both available for purchase on the upcoming NET A LA MODE website!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Some of you may be wondering what it is we have been blogging about for the past couple of months. What all this "imminent launch" and "coming soon" business was all about. 

Today's post is dedicated to informing you about this exciting new e-boutique, that will be carrying some amazing pieces by the likes of Covet, Kensie, BB Dakota, Makers of True Originals and many more. The official launch date is Monday, August 15th 2011. From then on, you and your friends can visit and shop the latest fall trends in a comfortable, easy and fun environment. 

The website is designed in a user-friendly manner and is equipped with both English and French versions. Also on NET A LA MODE? A personal style finder, for those who want to reinvent their looks in time for fall. 

Let us know of any questions or inquiries you have right here as we'd be glad to answer them!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's in for autumn?

Polka dots, tuxedos, psychedelic fur, colors, and more. One might wonder, what really is in for fall?

NET A LA MODE will have all those questions answered as soon as our launch, coming soon to computers near you. In the meantime, please support this budding enterprise by accessing and liking/following our various social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo and Flickr.

You never know, you might just find that staple fall piece you've been looking everywhere for, right here with us on NET A LA MODE

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Street Style: Romantic in Gentle Fawn and BB Dakota

Here I am in a very lacy Gentle Fawn top and very sensual BB Dakota skirt for the NET A LA MODE Editorial shoot a few weeks ago. Both amazing and very feminine pieces, the look was based on the current Romantic trend. You'll be able to find both items upon the NET A LA MODE website launch approaching in just the next few weeks!

Be sure to come back and get all of your romantic looks for the fall! Enjoy everyone and have a great weekend ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011


Looking for fashion tips and awesome outfits? Look no more. You've come to the right place!

NET A LA MODE is a Montreal-based, soon-to-be launched online shopping website that will have you talking faster than you can say "hot pants." Coming this August, NET A LA MODE brings you domestic and international brands exclusively selected for the fashionista who wishes to stand out, while still staying true to her own personal style. Unlike regular online shopping, NET A LA MODE goes above and beyond what the other typical clothing sites offer.

Upon the August opening, customers can expect: styling and trend tips laid out on a regular basis, WWS (Web Window Shoppers) added weekly, up-to-date fashion forums… and much more! The NET A LA MODE Twitter and Facebook pages are always au courant with the latest news and trends, and the YouTube channel keeps up with videos from the fashion shoots and launch events.

In the interim before the launch, make sure to check out the NET A LA MODE blog (, Facebook Page (NET A LA MODE), Twitter feed (@netalamode), and YouTube channel (Netalamode).

Check out our Kelsi Dagger Leather Suede and Metal at not (loulou magazine said metal mode instead of NET A LA MODE)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Street Style: Alexandrine in Kensie Girl

Take a look at the gorgeous model, Alexandrine wearing a sweater from the upcoming Fall collection for Kensie Girl. These shots were taken during the NET A LA MODE editorial shoot last week, which turned out to be incredible (available to see on the website soon.) Alexandrine shows off the sweater with a lil' fun and a lil' flirt. Fierce and feminine, check out this Kensie Girl sweater on the NET A LA MODE website this August available for purchase!

See the rest of the photos of Alexandrine on our Flickr site here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kat Von D's rocking clothing line + an exclusive sneak preview

By now, most of you have certainly heard of Kat Von D. Between her show on TLC, her unusual yet rocking appearance, her best-selling book and her new eponymous clothing line, it's kind of hard not to have. The clothing line, which will be launching in the fall, features some very cool and stylish pieces. Here's a look at what will be featured on NET A LA MODE, modeled by Sarah. 

Don't hesitate to further explore our Flickr account, where there are many more great looks by brands such as Gentle Fawn and Second Denim to be found. Enjoy! Check out the album Here

The black dress, which features feathers on the sleeves, goes from casual to dressy in no time.

Ask The Stylist: Summer Love

Summer Love is in the air...

and so is the "Romantic" fashion trend!

This includes soft pinks, pastels, neutrals, floral prints, lace, and everything in between. Flowing dresses, skirts, bustiers, and A-line cuts are also included in the mix, and the more feminine, the better. Isn't it great, ladies? Almost anything you can think of that reminds you of fairytale-like romance is in style right now, so don't be afraid to don your most romantic look in your every day routine. There's never a place or time where you can't dress (or act) like the true romantic princess you are deep down, and wearing a pair of heels with a gorgeous BCBGeneration dress to the grocery store is positively encouraged by NET A LA MODE!

In fact, now that we are in the midst of summer and fashion is bringing us the most effeminate trend of all, we certainly need to take advantage of it. A pastel bustier top matched with an A-Line skirt is definitely what we're talking about. Before we know it, it will be fall and we won't be able to frolic in the grass and lilies with our flowing skirts and dresses like we can right now! (However, more amazing trends are up and coming for the fall so it really isn't that bad ;) haha!)

Check out BCBGeneration, Gentle Fawn, and Kensie for more romantic pieces!

Middle dress: Charlotte Ronson
picture via Google

And don't forget to come back this August for the NET A LA MODE site launch for all of your romantic looks!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The World's Most Comfortable Jeans: Second Denim

Take a peek inside Canada's own Second Denim, the only place in the world which carries the exclusive Yoga Jean.* Designer and founder, Eric Wazana, was kind enough to let us into the mysterious world of Second Denim, and in this exert, tell us a little bit about the history behind the brand. Stay tuned for the full interview coming soon!

*Yes, you can literally do yoga in these jeans, and once you have these puppies on, you'll want to! Don't buy it? Just try on a pair, and let your senses guide you..Ahh Downward Dog!

Net a la mode - Online Fashion Boutique & Personal Stylist 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lucca Couture

Worn by everyone from Emma Roberts to TV's hottest reality stars, Lucca Couture is fast becoming one of today's most sought-after brands. Founded by Jane Moon, the label sets out to build a bridge between high-end fashion and street style. Sounds like the NET A LA MODE philosophy... 

Yesterday afternoon, a Montreal-based model, Daria, came by the NET A LA MODE offices to give us a sneak peak at a dress that will be carried on our website starting in August. The dress, which is in classic black and features a delicate lace pattern on the front, is perfect for a night out in any season. The mesh sleeves make for an airy and comfortable look.

Wait... There's more! Have a look at NET A LA MODE's official Flickr page: 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ask The Stylist: ROUGE

Alright gang. We all know it and see it and its RED. We're talking red as in cherry red, poppy red, lava red, candy apple red, and all of the other billion types of red out there. The trend is back and its hitting us with its brightest shade yet. So here it is, but what do we do with it? Sometimes wearing red can go all wrong, but if you know how to rock it, you're going to stand out in the crowd with confidence.

Since wearing bright red shades can be a bit of a toughey, when you're deciding to wear a piece that's red, be it: a shirt, a skirt, or a pair of shorts or pants, you need to recognize that its this red item that is the star of your outfit. In working with red, keeping things simple is the best way to go. Black, white, and tan always does the trick, along with other neutral colours that don't disrupt the brightness that is already part of your outfit. However, if you feel like walking on the wild side - don't be afraid to match your look with other bright summery colours. Warm tones like yellows and oranges go well, even a royal blue would be a nice addition.

Accessories that help to compliment bright red shades include jewelry of all types; but especially look good in gold, silver, and bronze. What you don't want to do though is overdress your outfit with too many accessories, but instead balance it with items that will make it look popping and yet, complete. For example, when wearing a red mini skirt, a nice way to complete the look would be with a white blouse, a pair of black pumps, and some frilly earrings and bangles that will give you that extra feminine touch (let's not forget to get those nails done, now that it's summer!)

Take a look below at the outfits that inspire NET A LA MODE and let us know what you think! Happy Monday everyone!

All images courtesy of

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NET A LA MODE Shorts: Cynthia and Tiiu

Take a look at the videos of Cynthia and Tiiu (me!) for NET A LA MODE's Fashion Shoot for the upcoming website! The shoot took place a few weeks ago, where the other Dulcedo models and I were glammed from our heads right down to our toes (No kidding! Who knew there was make up for legs?! Oh, it exists!) Not only was the shoot a blast, but all of the models got a hands-on look at a ton of amazing items that will be up for grabs on the
NET A LA MODE Online Store launching THIS AUGUST! 

Take a look below to get a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ask The Stylist: The Maxi -- Yes or No?

It's summer time, and the livin' is breeezy. Time for Monday's Ask The Stylist!

Okay ladies, get ready to feast your eyes on the maxi dress. This ankle-length wonder garment has come back in style, but is still hard to find roaming the streets of Montreal. One must wonder, why? People seem to be a little on the border about the maxi. So today's question is....


The Maxi -- Yes or No?

Let's check out the logistics. First of all, come summer time, everyone wants to feel beautiful and stand out. With maxi dresses, one can find beautiful cuts and prints like the ones you see above from Covet, and BB Dakota. The aesthetic of a long, flowing maxi dress is visually stunning. A woman walking down the street wearing one always steals the attention of a crowd. Secondly, in hot summer weather, it's always a plus when you wear something that keeps you cool and comfortable. Not only does the maxi dress do exactly that, but no matter where you are or what you're doing, the feeling of the light and delicate fabric of a maxi caressing your entire body is utterly euphoric. So don't be surprised if you are in a strangely elated all day long, while wearing a maxi dress. Thus,

The Verdict?

NET A LA MODE says screams yes, Yes, YES! 
The mini dress is still fighting for survival, but the elegant maxi dress is surely going to take over -- as it should!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion photoshoot timelapse

Strike a pose. Mode.

Take a peak inside Day One of NET A LA MODE's photo shoot for the upcoming Fall look book. Glamming the models from head to toe, the NET A LA MODE team combined forces with Marc-Olivier, the photographer, and Sarah, the hair/make-up artist, to create the most gorgeous and trendy looks for the upcoming season… And this is just a sneak preview!

NET A LA MODE brings to you oh-so-stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories from the most exclusive designers, available to purchase at your fingertips come August 2011. Don't forget to check out the NET A LA MODE website launch this summer!

Crédit : Oliver Benny