Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday I'm in Love: Book Smart

              It's friday and here at Net à la Mode, we are in love with being BOOK SMART!  Put on your over-sized glasses and get ready to see double when you take a look at these nerdgasmic finds.

a.  We are in love with these oxford heels by Lovely People.  The Agnes loafer pumps combine two of the biggest trends this season: color blocking and menswear.  (Net a la Mode)

b.  We are in love with these chalk tablets from Peg and Awl.  They are made from Liberty Highschool bleachers built in 1918.  (Peg and Awl)

c.  We are in love with these numeric keypad/calculator chairs.  (House of Onika)

d.  We are in love with these apple cupcakes.  You will be your teacher's pet in no time.  (Martha Stewart Living)

e.  We are in love with Karl Lagerfeld's library, it is filled of books from the floor to the skylights.  (The Selby is in Your Place)

f.  We are in love with Tom Ford's special edition ‘50s-inspired eyewear collection made of buffalo horn and gold-plated metal “T” accents.  It comes in a Bakelite box complete with chamois cloth and cleansing cream, all for only $2,950.  (FASHION Magazine)

g.  We are in love with Olympia Le-Tan's ''Lolita'' mini-clutch.  Natalie Portman was spotted with the clutch at the New York premiere of "Black Swan."   (Opening Ceremony at ACE hotel NYC)

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