Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday I'm in Love: Bows

            It's Friday, and here at Net à la Mode we are in love with BOWS.  How delightful is it to unravel a gift that was delicately wrapped by a satin ribbon?   Come check out these bow-tastic finds that don't need unwrapping to enjoy.

a.  We are in love with this sugary-pink cupcake bow.  Talk about icing on the cupcake.  (Sugarlips Cakes)

b.  We are in love with this Versace Venita Bow Satchel.  It's all wrapped up in exquisite pink goodness.  (The Purse Page)

c.  We are in love with this colourful cubes bow tie for dapper dogs.  Even dogs can't escape the Mad Men madness.  (Silly Buddy)

d.  We are in love with this hair bow tie. This hairstyle is much cuter and wearable than Lady Gaga's.   (Young Designers Online)

e.  We are in love with this romantic photograph of a bow ring by Kitty Gallannaugh.  This London photographer sure takes dreamy pictures.  (Kitty Gallannaugh)

f.  We are in love with this pretty bow garland.  Crafty blogger, Rachel Denbow, shows you how you can decorate your room with vintage-looking bows in eight simple steps.   (Smile and Wave)

g.  We are in love with this Keepsake Front Row dress. The satin bow in the front gives a an unexpected twist to the traditional LBD. (Net à la Mode)

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