Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday I'm in Love: Tulips

          It's friday and here at Net à la Mode, we are in love with TULIPS!  The blooming of tulips on the front yard is the truest sign of spring's arrival (Sorry Mr Groundhog but you are not as reliable!)  Your clogs will go clippity-clop at the sight of these tulipy finds.  

a.  We are in love with this BCBGeneration emerald-coloured tulip wrap skirt.  It's time to show off those legs!  (Net à la Mode)

b.  We are in love with these tulip lollipops.  Just like Courtney Dial Whitmore, we are suckers for a good bargain especially when the buy is so cute.  (Pizzazzerie)

c.  We are in love with the Dutch landscape in May.  Three billion tulips bloom each year.  (Funzug)

d.  We are in love with these cute bulb party favors/seat assigners.  Simply plant a bulb in a candleholder and add a paper blossom and a vellum seat assignment.  (Martha Stewart Weddings)

e.  We are in love with this vintage wine country wedding table setting.  Wild arrangement of tulips in vintage bottles create a romantic setting.  (Brides)

f.  We are in love with this fun tulip-shaped chair by Brühl Innovation.  It is a great way to bring nature into your home.  (Infoteli)

g. We are in love with this super practical tulip hub.  Why should we let the boys have all the techy fun?  (Chic 'n Cheap Living)

h. We are in love with this tulip wedding shower cake.  It is a confetti cake filled with blackberry and meyer lemon filling.  It sounds as good as it looks!  (Pink Cake Box)

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