Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Daddy: Top Ten Sexiest Celebrity Dads

        What is it about men with babies that drive women crazy?  Natural selection?  Daddy issues?  Who cares!  For father's day, the NET A LA MODE team compiled a list of the top ten sexiest celebrity dads for you to feast your eyes on.  Enjoy!

#10 Orlando Bloom

        The Three Musketeers' Orlando Bloom was already sexy in our books but the way that baby Flynn is always attached to his body definitely adds to his charm (like this fleet-footed duckling - too cute to not watch).  

#9 Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

        Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka might be the most legen.... wait for it... DARY power couple.  The adopted twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott are lucky that they not only have one hot dad, but two!  

#8 Jude Law

       The face of Dior Homme has always been a heartbreaker just like Alfie.  It might be his English accent or his bad boy ways but it is definitely in his blood.  Have you seen his eldest son, Rafferty Law, at Kate Moss' wedding?  Watch out Justin Bieber!

#7 Johnny Depp

       Dark Shadows' Johnny Depp is the epitome of bad boys.  His unconventional style and uncharacteristically hip facial hair are charmingly sexy.  

#6 Will Smith

        Will Smith is not only a very sexy dad but he might also be the coolest dad ever!  The Whip My Hair singer, Willow Smith, and The Karate Kid actor, Jaden Smith, can pretty much do whatever they want.

#5 Matthew McConaughey

        Magic Mike's Matthew McConaughey would win the shirtless dad award of the year if there was such a thing!  The 42 year old also recently married his baby mama Camila Alves at an intimate ceremony in Austin, Texas.

#4 Barack Obama

       Nothing is sexier than a man in power.  A Nobel Peace Prize under the belt doesn't hurt either.  The father of Natasha and Malia Ann simply looks great in a suit, but also manages to pull off the casual look at the beach with the first daughter. 

#3 Hugh Jackman

       The Wolverine actor can sing, dance and also kick ass.  What more can you ask for?

#2 Brad Pitt

          Brad Pitt is just simply sexy.  Even in his almost unpolished days, symbolized by long hair, big beard or salt & pepper hair color, he still looks hot!

#1 David Beckham

         The first man to be on the cover of Elle is a total hunk.  Have you been melting over his underwear ads in the aisles of H&M?  You are not the only one!

Happy Father's Day!

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