Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday I'm in Love: Lace

It's Friday, and here at NET A LA MODE, we are in love with LACE.  This delicate and fragile fabric isn't just the stuff of your grandma's old curtains anymore.  Try not to get tied up as we present to you our favorite lacy finds.

a.  We are in love with the Gentle Fawn Arrival Lace Top.  It's lightweight, loosely cut and is a natural layering piece.  (NET A LA MODE)

b.  We are in love with the crocheted lace fondant icing wedding cake.  The simple juxtaposition of the lace, the white fondant and the peony are breathtaking.  (Sweet & Saucy Shop)

c.  We are in love with these "MothEaten" handmade lights.  They are perfect for the boudoir.  (Design Sponge)

d.  We are in love with this vintage lace necklace - something you would pass on to your future daughter.  (Nana Banana)

e.  We are in love with this lace-stenciled floor.  It is definitely not your grandmother's old lace.  (Make My Day.)

f.  We are in love with this lace table setting.  It is great for a tea party or a cottage wedding. (Lovella Bridal)

g.  We are in love with this 3D lace nail art - quite a modern take on lace!  (Nailszine)

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